Whether you’re allergic to cats and dogs, want a unique pet, or just think they’re adorable, reptiles can make great pets when properly taken care of. Although, you should always do your reading before taking on the responsibilities that owning a reptile pet bring. Scroll down for a list of the best reptile pets you can own!

1.Bearded Dragons

best reptile pet bearded dragon

Beginning with the basics, bearded dragons are easy to care for and may be the best reptile pets for beginners. Thankfully, they’re not nocturnal, like many other small pets, so they’ll have a similar schedule to you!

2. Ball Pythons

ball python

If you’re semi-new to reptiles, a ball python may be one of the best pet reptiles for you, since they don’t require elaborate tanks or habitats. Even though housing ball pythons is simple, they can be tricky to feed. Remember, they range from three to five feet in length and are not small animals. Most importantly, they live for twenty-five to thirty years, so be sure you’re ready to commit to your new pal for years to come!

3. Leopard Geckos

best pet reptile leopard gecko

Known for their docile temperaments, leopard geckos are some of the best reptile pets. Unlike bearded dragons though, these little guys are nocturnal meaning that they’ll usually be up all night. Furthermore, leopard geckos are relatively easy to take care of with basic heat needs and an easy diet of insects alone.

4. Russian Tortoise

pet reptile tortoise

Russian tortoises are on the smaller side for tortoises, measuring in at a maximum of eight to ten inches. Regardless of size, these tortoises live for up to fifty years, so get ready to make a lengthy commitment to your new scaly friend.

5. Water Dragons

green water dragon

While some people would love to own an iguana many think of water dragons as a smaller, easier alternative. Furthermore, their habitats are easy to maintain, and they’re full of entertaining personality!

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